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Medication Pricing


Testosterone Inj.

T. Cypionate 2000mg/10mL  1x $75
Syringes 3mL
   20x $.12 

Needles 21g 1"   20x $.08

Needles 25g 1"   20x $.08

Alcohol Wipes 1"x1"  40x $.20  
Shipping Express 2nd Day   $10

Total:  $91.40

Testosterone Cream

Testosterone Cream 20%

(200mg/mL) 30g    3x $50

Shipping Express 2nd Day   $10

Total:  $160

GH Optimization

Sermorelin Acetate  6mg   3x $65
Ipamorelin Acetate  6mg   3x $65 
Syringes 30g 1/2"   100x $.12

Alcohol Wipes 1" x 1"  200x $.02  

Shipping Express 2nd Day   $10

Total:  $416 

Sample pharmacy orders covering 10-12 weeks of treatment.

All programs are customized to your individual goals and needs. At, you are not forced into limited cookie-cutter programs, or charged extra for unnecessary medications. You pay the pharmacy directly, and only for what you need. Further, our network pharmacies are carefully selected for affordability and range of products. 

Available Medications

Depending on your needs, your treatment plan may include:


Testosterone Cypionate 

Compounded*   200 mg/mL   5 mL

Compounded*   200 mg/mL   10 mL

Pharma Generic   200 mg/mL   10 mL

Depo®-Testosterone   200 mg/mL   10 mL

Testosterone Enanthate 

Compounded*   200 mg/mL   5 mL

Compounded*   200 mg/mL   10 mL

Pharma Generic   200 mg/mL   5 mL

Testosterone Propionate

Compounded*   100 mg/mL   10 mL

Testosterone Cypionate/Propionate 

Compounded*   160/40 mg/mL   5 mL

Compounded*   160/40 mg/mL   10 mL

Testosterone Cream

100 mg/mL   30 mL

200 mg/mL   30 mL

Testosterone Oral Troches

100 mg Troche

Testosterone Nasal Gel

 5mg / .05 mL   3 mL

10mg / .05 mL   3 mL

Ancillary Medications 


.125mg   capsule

.25mg   capsule

.5mg   capsule

.75mg   capsule

1mg   capsule


25 mg   tablet 


2.5 mg   tablet

Tamoxifen Citrate

10mg   capsule

20mg   capsule

Cream   2%   30 mL

Clomiphene Citrate

12.5mg   capsule

25mg   capsule

50mg   capsule

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin 

(Lyo)   6,000IU   vial

(Lyo)   12,000IU   vial

Orally Disintegrating Tab   500 IU

GH-Stimulating Peptides 

Sermorelin Acetate   

6 mg   vial

9 mg   vial

15 mg   vial

Ibutamoren Mesylate

12.5 mg   capsule

25 mg   capsule

Ipamorelin Acetate

6 mg  vial

15 mg  vial

* Pharmacy compounded injectable in grape seed oil

Please Note:  Prescribing decisions will be made with your physician based on your needs and goals. While we make every effort to keep the listed pricing updated, it may be subject to change. Please confirm pricing with the pharmacy before completing your order.